Wed 20 Aug 2014 – Women and Scottish Independence

Suffragette City

Women and Independence


With Tasmina Sheikh, Kate Higgins, Elaine C Smith, David Greig, Kirstin Innes, Tracey S Rosenberg and Laura Eaton-Lewis.

Three of the most prominent female voices in the Yes Campaign – Tasmina Sheikh, Kate Higgins and Elaine C Smith – join us for a frank discussion of the frustrations of being a woman in (and out of) politics right now. There’s also some heady emotional stuff, with Laura Lewis’ heartfelt songs, and her battle cry for invisible women. Poet Tracey Rosenberg imagines what Scottish ten year olds of the future will write in their history essays, the podcast listeners get an audio-described tour of David Bowie’s Manhattan penthouse yurt, and it all finishes up with a glorious cover of Life on Mars. Who knew it was a feminist anthem?

Kirstin Innes