Thu 14 Aug 2014 – Ireland and an Independent Scotland

Tony Went To Fight In Belfast

Ireland and an Independent Scotland


With Peter Geoghegan, Cormac Quinn, Lynda Radley, Nicola McCartney, Kieran Hurley, Linda McLean, Rachel McCrum, Camille O’Sullivan.

Where to start on this one? We didn’t even get on to talking about the financial crash, or the use of Ireland as an example of the dangers and virtues of independence from both sides of the debate. You could curate a Fringe long-season on Ireland and the Irish in relation to Scotland’s referendum. David Greig read us a brilliant provocation sent in from Lynda Radley, we had poetry from the frankly outstanding Rachel McCrum, who was then joined in discussion by Nicola McCartney, Peter McGeoghan and Cormac Quinn. Thankfully I resisted the urge to get sentimental and starry-eyed and quote James Connolly at length, and let our much more able panel to the talking, which they did brilliantly. A real favourite of mine this one, it was rounded off perfectly when Camille O’Sullivan showed up at the end and blew the roof off.

Kieran Hurley