Sun 17 Aug 2014 – Sunday Session with Karine Polwart

In Her Frock Coat and Bibbety Bobbety Hat

Sunday Session


Karine Polwart-curated line-up of guests in a music, sketches and spoken word special.

Rachel Newton, Luke Wright, Amy Geddes, Camille O’Sullivan, Adie Elias Baako.

This was another Sunday session but unfortunately Karine was not able to join us for it. Nevertheless it was a warm audience and some cracking acts. I’m not quite sure how Adie’s incredible Ghanaian dancing will translate to the podcast. Adie, dreadlocked and in bright yellow African print clothes danced a beautifully contained, rhythmic traditional dance on the narrow stage. I had to hold onto the piano to stop it falling off the stage as Adie’s feet made a slow patient beat on the stage. He had the yurt enthralled and delighted. You’ll have to imagine that bit.

David Greig