Sat 9 Aug 2014 – Exploring Tory Scotland

A Godawful Small Affair

Exploring Tory Scotland


With Ewan Morrison, David Torrance, Alex Massie, Lindsay Macintosh, David Greig, Jenny Lindsay, Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai).

I enjoyed this show enormously! Three top-notch political commentators, Alex Massie, David Torrance and Lindsay Macintosh. After a lot of rich and fattening ‘Yes’ voices in the Yurt it was excellent to hear some bracing ‘No’ for a change. Ewan Morrison was in good form too – proposing an entrepreneurial centre right vision for Scotland. There’s a fantastic moment at the end when Stuart Braithwaite sings ‘Heroes’ and, to me & him, it’s about Indy. But to Bowie, and I suspect for our panel, it’s a song about individuals escaping a rotten communist state. Either way we all sat spellbound. It was a very Yurty moment.

David Greig