Sat 2 Aug 2014 – Is There a Scottish Establishment?

Tactful Cactus

Is There a Scottish Establishment?


With David Greig, Peter Arnott, Laura Eaton-Lewis, Andrew Tickell (Lallands Peat Worrier), Mandy Rhodes, Cameron Wyllie, Chrissy Barnacle and poet Bram Gieben.

A lively and honest exploration of the concepts and many faces of the Scottish Establishment, this episode brought to light the problem of class issues that dominate Scottish society and questioned whether the interests of our establishment lay in Westminster. Do the people need to ask permission or is power something the people can in practice give to our representatives to enact on our behalf? What might a new establishment look like, and are the grass roots movements ready and capable of defining the shape of a new system?

With contributions from the media leader and economic prophet, Mandy Rhodes; private-sector head and educator of the future establishment, Cameron Wyllie; and constitutional law expert and wryly self-described ‘cybernat’ Andrew Tickell. Featuring poetry by radical thinker and journalist, Bram Gieben. Brought to life with gorgeous music and personable stories from Chrissy Barnacle.

Laura Eaton-Lewis