Fri 1 Aug 2014 – The Metaphors of Indyref

Hazy Cosmic Jive

The Metaphors of Indyref


With David Greig, Linda McLeanJanice Galloway, Davey Anderson, Hannah McGill, Martin O’Connor, Van Badham, Rachel Newton.

Wow. I felt very nervous on this show but the crowd were glorious. Rachel’s song got us off to a fine start and Davey Anderson’s polemic was a stormer, picking apart the cliches of referendum language. The panel was fascinating – Janice Galloway talking about metaphor and Hannah McGill about narrative. We got some things wrong in the first 20 minutes and we ran over time so we couldn’t read the audience’s ‘Scotland is like…’ sentences. But check them out at the end of the podcast because there are some beautiful ones. ‘Scotland is like a macaroon…’ Phew! We had a crowd of about 30 in the yurt. It was a beautiful sunny day and the Fringe was beginning… we are all optimism and hope!

David Greig