Thu 21 Aug 2014 – The London Scots

Floating In A Most Peculiar Way

The London Scots


With Stephen Greenhorn, Rona Munro, David Greig, Linda McLean, David Morgan, Adam Ramsay and Lach.

It was a special treat to get Rona Munro and Stephen Greenhorn for this show. Both are old friends of Linda and mine from the playwriting world but in the last year both have also re-defined great chunks of Scottish identity and popular culture. Stephen with the film of Sunshine on Leith whose optimism and charm captured the imagination last summer, and Rona with the James Plays which were the hit of the festival. You can feel the warmth of the audience towards them. This episode also features some fabulous intervention essays – two letters from Kevin MacNeill in London and David Morgan in Manchester, and Adam Ramsay’s wonderful provocation. Someone teased me that I always said, after every show, that it was the best on yet. But this show was definitely the best one yet!

David Greig