Mon 18 Aug 2014 – The Media in Scotland

Waiting for The Gift of Sound and Vision

The Media in Scotland


With Iain Macwhirter, Derek Bateman, Kirstin Innes, Fiona Ferguson, Peter Arnott, Ross Colquhoun, Rob Mackenzie and Martin Lynch.

It’s such a treat to do some hosting for these shows, largely as I get to hear the musicians, poets, polemicists and panel guests from the front row. For free, yass. After the Bowie (rhymes with cow)/Bowie (rhymes with no) test – I’m firmly in the rhymes with no camp – we heard music from Playing Politics and a brilliant polemic from Derek Bateman, then got stuck into the debate exploring the media in Scotland. There are many things I’ve been left with after this discussion, most importantly where are all the women in our media?! We had a fantastic line up for our panel with Iain Macwhirter, Derek Bateman, Peter Arnott and Ross Colquhoun brilliantly questioned by the loveliest of co-hosts, Kirstin Innes. We learned about ‘erasure’ poetry from Rob Mackenzie before hearing a Letter From Belfast where Martin Lynch told us in no uncertain terms about his views of Scottish independence!

Fiona Ferguson