Wed 13 Aug 2014 – We Need To Talk about England

From Ibiza to The Norfolk Broads

We Need To Talk about England


With Kieran Hurley, David Greig, Josie Long, Leo Glaister, Clare Duffy, Chris Thorpe, Dan Rebellato, Loki.

This was a wee beauty, this one. We hadn’t been sure whether to expect Josie Long, after some confusion over whether or not she was confirmed, so we were all delighted to walk into the Yurt and find her patiently sitting in the front row, waiting for us to explain what was going on. The brilliant Chris Thorpe and the wonderful Clare Duffy completed our panel, discussing solidarity, hope, and whether national identity is a thing that should even exist. Leo Glaister brought the poems, and Loki kicked us off in the music slot with some a capella rhymes and some vital musings on materialism and idealism. We also had a really lovely video-letter from Dan Rebellato.

Kieran Hurley