Thu 7 Aug 2014 – Money and Wages in an Independent Scotland

My Brain Hurts A Lot

Money and Wages in an Independent Scotland


With Ricky Ross, Nicola McCartney, Ian Fraser, Ben Dyson (of Positive Money), Agnes Torok, Julia Taudevin, Laura Eaton-Lewis, David Greig.

The sun was shining and the crowds were out for this show. I think I saw a number of financial types on their lunch break, RBS lanyards peeking out from the summery shirts. Walking along George Street, seeing the name plates on the cafes and bars which were once banks, and I realised just how much money and finance sit at the heart of Edinburgh’s identity. Currency is a central part of the independence debate and a day or so after The Debate, it was on all our minds. Ricky Ross reminded us, in song, of how money, aspiration and hope are all bound up together. Ben Dyson posited a new, Positive money. Ian Fraser & Laura discussed Scotland’s options, and Nicola McCartney brought home the human consequences of austerity. And all the while, the RBS flags flapped in the summer sun on the East side of St Andrew Sq.

David Greig